[Poem] Ditto

Me too.
Over and over again
How much of me in you
How much of you in me

I can never remember
the faces
Voices are always clear
Smells take me through time
I see your face clearly.

I attempt to get close
and you shrink away

I’ve done the same
didn’t even notice until
they told me.
Do you notice?
Should I tell you?

I must add a note
I would never
take advantage
even if I desired you
above all
my offer for you
to shower
was simply an offer
to be clean.

[Poem] Cast

Fitful sleep brings waking dreams.
Dreams of what I think I want.
Love for all of life.
Intimacy unbound.

An actress I know, and wish to know.
A role I need filled in my movie.
Who am I to cast?
Who am I to direct?

My mind hurts from predicting scenes.
My jaw hurts from clenching teeth.
I want the role filled.
I need a companion.

But I must wait. Go with the flow.
Don’t push too hard. But don’t wait too long.
I must have balance.
I must have calm.