Dave likes to sit in greasy spoons and write, or read, or people watch. If you see him out, you’re most likely to see him bent over a unique notebook, cup of coffee just off his left hand, wearing his favorite hat, writing line after line of a story that’s playing itself out in his head. He may like to talk to you, but more than likely he’s quite content sitting there, allowing the stories to flow out of him.

He likes Transformers, and has passed that obsession on to his children.

He’s a lefty, and often thinks that this entitles him to special treatment. His friends often disagree.

He is passionate about public transportation, and will happily engage in a friendly discussion about it.

To say that he enjoys reading would be an understatement. He reads a ridiculous number of webcomics, as well. He uses RSS to keep up to date on all of them.