From MegaTokyo to xkcd, Dave gets a large daily dose of story interwoven with graphic art. Whenever he can, he starts the day by going through his RSS reader. Every once in a while, he’ll review one in his blog. Maybe you’d like some of them too?


Neil Gaiman, Robert Jordan, Anne McCaffrey, Issac Asimov, Terry Brooks, Ursula LeGuin, John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines. These fine people, along with many many others, have fueled Dave’s imagination and kindled his fires of creativity. He’s inordinately proud of his library, and will show it off whenever possible. While his wife has made the move to eBooks, there’s something about turning a physical page that Dave hasn’t been able to let go of.


Do you have a theme song? Dave has several. He finds focus and motivation with music. While his CD collection has aged over time, Dave can list off several reliable streaming stations that get his pen moving across the page.


Inspiration surrounds Dave in his everyday life. From his friends, to his family, to his environment, to the strangers at the coffee shop, Dave sees the stories around him develop and change, and he uses that in his writing.