What No Eye Has Seen

coverGood day, gentlepeople of all persuasions! I bring to you a novella filled to bursting with craziness, including in no particular order: a magical evil gun, a witch, alcohol, vampires, involuntary dimension hopping, alcohol, a missing elevator, using a bus as a getaway car, notable eye pigment shifts, alcohol, a pool hall, and Adam.

Did I mention booze? There’s some of that in there.

What No Eye Has Seen is available now at most of the major ebook retailers. So go ahead and make with the clicky-clicky, and give your eyeballs and your brainmeats a treat!

Winged People

Another writer, a friend of mine, posted recently about her “obsession with wings” and winged people. Since she and I share that obsession, albeit for different reasons, I figured I’d link to her post here so that you could get her point of view:

My Obsession With Wings

In non-winged news, I’ve come up with a new title for the next novella (thanks, Wren Griffin!), and I’ve stolen it from the Gospel of Thomas (one of the Gnostic Gospels). Yay apocrypha!

Unrelated note – I think I like the Lansing Fleetwood Diner better than the original one in Ann Arbor.

Here come the bullet points!

Without further ado…

  • I saw Star Wars – The Force Awakens on a too-rare date with my wife. I loved it, despite and because of its flaws. It’s Star Wars. No, I’m not going to spoil it.
  • My holidays were pretty fantastic, and included taking the wife to work’s party in San Francisco.
  • Vlogging has been chugging along as well. I’ve started editing the damn things, so who knows where it’ll go from here! YouTube channel is here.
  • I re-read the entire novella yesterday, and contacted the artist that I want to do the cover. It’s time to make those creative decisions that have been impossibly daunting. It’s time to move toward the mountain.
  • I urge you not to make New Year’s resolutions. I urge you to do what makes you happy.