Editor’s Note

Rewriting the Remembrance, from 9 August.

Editor’s note from Chapter 1, in the asylum: Wouldn’t they hear the battle raging outside? Maybe have Herod keep calm by not reacting. Jason calls him out on it, too.

Writer’s witty retort: God DAMN it.

Is the lack of mention of the sound – any sound – coming in from the outside world enough of a problem to worry about? This is an asylum in downtown Detroit – wouldn’t it be soundproofed? Not just the patient rooms, but the whole place – common room, cafeteria, hallways? Yes, it would have to be, windows and all.

How much would the impacts and aftershocks damage the soundproofing? At least trivially, probably seriously.

I think I can solve this at the very end of the first chapter. Very, very end.

Editor’s Note

Rewriting the Remembrance from 26 May

Note from the editor: Um… they aren’t reaching Lansing that day, and Diane is out of commission two days after the unicorn attack. Timeline seems messed up. Why didn’t they continue after that night burial? Why did they wait for night when there was still daylight to bury the guy?

Later note from the editor: Again why didn’t they do this during the day, so they could continue to travel? Waiting until night seems odd.

I’m having a hard time arguing this, though I’m certain there was a good reason for it when I wrote it.

Heh. Unicorn attack.

How long did it take to deal with Sophia’s injuries, and the minor injuries sustained by the others in the caravan? There are enough people traveling that we can assume that the minor injuries are being addressed while Sophia is being attended to, instead of taking additional time. Sophia’s shoulder was dislocated, and her arm was shattered near the joint. So, they’d have to relocate the shoulder, set what bones they could (oh gods, I hope she was passed out for all of this), and wrap her arm to her torso. They would absolutely have to do this before the caravan got moving again – it would be impossible to do it reliably in a moving vehicle with the skill levels involved. So, several hours, probably 3 or 4.

There would also be a hesitation to move Diane. Head and neck trauma would be a concern after a unicorn POURED back into one’s skull, I’m sure. Not to mention the fall directly afterward.

What time of day did the radio broadcast take place in? If I remember correctly, it was late morning. That would put them in unicorn territory in the early afternoon. The interaction would only take a few moments, then they’d be all kinds of hurting. Which puts Sophia being taken care of by early evening. So, with dusk coming within an hour – wait, what season is this? Late spring, early summer (May-ish), so it would be two or three mour hours until sunset.

Editor’s interrupt: Do not ignore the sense of urgency. It is the apocalypse, and they are fleeing it. They’ll split off a team to bury Steve while Sophia is being tended to.

Writer’s witty retort: Goddamnit.

They’d be ready to leave around 5 pm then, and the only problem would be Diane being out cold. Sebastian would likely check her neck for obvious problems (sight and touch) and then move her (with help) into their vehicle. That means that she’d wake up en route. I need to move the scene from the pavement where she’d dropped to back in the passenger seat, and add in the disorientation that Diane would feel from waking up in a different place, as well as a moving vehicle.

Would that muck up the further timeline? Instead of traveling during the day, they’d be stopping for dinner, and then getting to Hastings as the sun was getting low in the sky. So, as I edit and rewrite the chapter, I need to update the timeline. It will wash out at Hastings.

Pagans and a Short Story

Today is Lansing’s Pagan Pride Day! If you’re of that persuasion, or are interested in the community of people that are, head on out to Valhalla Park in Holt to check out flaming sword fighting, DJs, awesome vendors, and great food! Full disclosure – my wife had a large hand in planning and making it happen, so I’m completely biased. You’re crazy if you don’t try out her apple or banana breads at the bake sale.

Two Vampires is up on the iTunes book store! If you have an iDevice that can support iBooks, you can grab a DRM-free EPUB for $0.99! The process was easy, so future releases should be available through this store at the same time as the others.

Stuff is Done!

I got stuff done! I’m so excited about it, I’m going to tell you!

  • Todd’s Story is now available as an EPUB. It’s just as free as the PDF!
  • Two Vampires has been submitted to the iBooks store!
  • The Remembrance rewrite Chapter 1 FINAL READTHROUGH is complete!
  • The Glass Crown is two and a half chapters away from a completed first draft! Yay second novel!
  • Exclamation points!
  • I have officially retired the publish runs of The Remembrance (hardcover, trade paperback, and eBook)!
  • It’s apple cider season! My favorite places to get it are Quality Dairy, Uncle John’s Cider Mill, and Biggby’s!