Writing Journal

Rewriting the Remembrance, from 7 March

In my old notes, from the beginning of the rewrite, I ask the question, “Why in the world would he leave his wife for a second time?” I now have to ask myself why Sebastian would leave his wife the first time, especially now that he’s fighting what he’s becoming rather than embracing it.

Nikki says that Diane should see her husband struggling not to change, fighting to hold it in, even under the onslaught of worship from the city’s citizens. She will see that it is causing him great pain, and will be reminded of Herod’s earlier statement that fighting the change would be deadly. She should run out to him, insist that he let go, because she’d rather have him changed than not have him at all. Nikki suggests he can tell her, after he changes, “I must fly. I will return.”

I think that this would allow the chapter to end with Diane sobbing in Jason’s arms, rather than verbally and physically assaulting him.

Writing Journal

Rewriting the Remembrance, from 7 March

Jason isn’t going to be passed out from the transformation any more. He’ll still be in the room after Herod, Sebastian/Nemesis, and Diane leave. We’ll be able to see them leave through Jason’s recounting, the whys and the wherefores. They’ll be leaving to clean Sebastian up and to prepare him for the gathering. This is where I should talk about the new reason for the gathering, in fact.

So, what’s the new reason?

In the last version, it was to come together and lay out the tribal structure of Dragon City, and to leave Detroit behind. Territory would be claimed, social structure and rules defined, concerns and questions of the city’s people addressed. Herod had planned for his and Sebastian’s over-the-top transformations to cement the hearts and loyalties of his city’s citizens. A grand show.

In the new version, it’s been barely two weeks since the impact, instead of several months. While the Homeland has quite a bit of its poop in a group, Detroit is still chaotic. Instead of cementing the culture that had already been developing, Herod needs to begin that process if they are to be ready for coming hardships. So, this gathering needs to focus on forming the idea of what Dragon City will become and the steps needed to get the ball rolling.

So, the Herod speech will need to change dramatically, also its drama level will need to come down a notch or three.

Writing Journal

Rewriting the Remembrance, from 23 January.

Where are they taking Sebastian, anyway? Nikki threw out the cold stone room with a bed made of concrete slabs, stacked waist high. Would this Herod and this Jason be taking them someplace comfortable? Yes, they’ve been through this before, but the circumstances were totally different. Didn’t exactly have a choice of locale.

Does a comfortable place even exist in the Keep? Oh, man, that’s an enormous can of worms. Herod hasn’t lost all of his humanity yet, so an argument could be made that he would still want comfort for both himself and anyone staying in the Keep. While Nikki brought up the idea of the Keep shifting as Herod lost more and more of his softness, I think I prefer the idea of Herod remembering the Keep from the future, and using that to dream the building into existence. But there will be citizens living and/or working in the Keep. No matter how many edges Herod will end up with, humans require rest, and prefer comfort. Even if Herod didn’t need or want it, he’d recognize the need to have it around.

So, in what kind of room will Sebastian’s transformation take place? He has to be able to lay on his front, to allow the wings to come out. Should he be restrained, so he doesn’t flop onto his back or off of whatever they’ve got him on? No, Diane wouldn’t react well to that, and she’s already got enough tension built up to make her snap. Piling on more right now would be gratuitous and counter-productive.

It’ll be a round room, walled with red bricks that have obviously been salvaged from collapsed buildings. Concrete or gray brick would be too cold. Set into a wood floor is a circular depression, ringed by a bench lined with thick cushions. The floor of the depression is also padded with cushions, and this is where they will lay Sebastian. Jason will crouch at his head, ready to hold his shoulders, and Diane will crouch at his feet to do the same. Herod will enter just before the fun begins, like in the original.

The room and its depressions will be large enough to seat about fifteen people. The floor between the brick wall and the depression is wide enough for two people to pass each other. There are no wall hangings, but there is a sunroof in the center of the high ceiling. The sunroof is made of stained glass that mimics a spiderweb crack in a single glass pane. There are oxidized copper sconces mounted along the walls as well, but they are torch-less.

Nerd Links

These links have pocket protectors!

  • Never Alone, a game with a side of education. Jesse Cox gave this one all kinds of props, so I am eagerly awaiting its release for Mac through Steam.
  • Better World Books, a place to buy books, donate books, and help world literacy. Sounds awesome to me.
  • Sandstorm, app-ifying servers, for personal, developer, and enterprise use. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but there’s some technical awesomeness going on here. Their pitch is heavy on the security.
  • Arcade Legacy, an amazeballs (thanks Paul!) arcade in an empty mall! These guys have everything I’d set up for my own arcade. If I had a bucket list, this place would be on it.
  • Bios Urn, because why haven’t we always done it this way?
  • Strange Matter Coffee, bringing San Francisco coffee to Lansing! This place was Kickstarted! I want to give it all the exclamation points! I don’t know what this feeling is, but it might be caffeine-flavored love.