The Remembrance

The Remembrance281 Pages

The world has died – in fire and flood,  violence and destruction.

From the singed remains, a new world has risen – one that is not bound by the laws of conventional man. Kings and wizards, angels and demons – from the minds of the survivors comes the landscape of a world reshaped in everyone’s image.

The catalyst in this world’s changing scope is a man named Herod. Madman and visionary, he will be the first to create his own world – one that is both familiar, and yet strange and fantastic. Herod has become the King of Dragons and he, along with his companions and enemies, will form the shape of things yet to come.

His friends wish to build a new Utopia. His enemies – kingdoms under their complete control. Both will try to use Herod to their own ends.

Herod has other plans, and while it might cost him everything he has sought to build, he will stop at nothing. From askew world to askew world, he seeks to put together the pieces that will lead him to the one thing that matters to him beyond all else…

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