False Positive

“Webcomic Tales of the surreal, fantastic, & macabre”

The art is what drew me in to this one. I’m not the biggest fan of horror, gore, or over-the-top tentacle-and-eyeball crazy. I hang out with the kids when the wife has her horror movie nights, making sure that they’re playing nice and getting their fair share of the popcorn. But, I tell you what, I loves me some good artwork.

False Positive has amazing artwork. The artwork is so good that it kept me around for the horror, the gore, and the tentacle-and-eyeball crazy. It drew me in so completely that I find myself reading through the comments, guessing right along with other readers about what the next plot twist will be.

Big Mike can twist a plot.

Compared to many in my ridiculously long list of webcomics in my RSS reader, I’m a newcomer to this one. It took two or three comics to suck me in to reading through the full archive of Season 1. It’s currently in the fourth chapter of Season 2, and has dipped into Sci-Fi. This pleases me.

The comic updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s worth your time to eyeball. http://falsepositivecomic.com/


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