Nerd Links

Here’s a quick list of linky-links for stuff I like. Today’s focus: TV.

  • Eureka – OMGTHISSHOWSQUEEEE and then the last episode happened. All set to mirror the ending of the series in the fictional universe, and then BAM! Nevermind, everything’s back to normal! No, not normal, better than normal. I loved this series so much that I very nearly nerdraged about the last episode.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9 – Tread where no Star Trek writer had gone before! Into a linear story line with religious overtones, focused on a single solar system! While many nods were taken from Babylon 5, this is still my favorite Trek. Only one complaint: why did the battle scenes make it look like the ships had no shields? Ablative armor is all well and good, but they keep talking about the shields. Everybody’s still got shields. Where are the shields?
  • Wolverine and the X-Men – I really dig the new take on good characters, but only one season? C’mon! Gone the way of Firefly and Tron: Uprising and countless other pieces of serial fiction, cut down before their prime!