Review: Questionable Content

Antro PCs are not to be trusted. Hipsters have feelings, too. These are the first two things that I learned while reading through QC’s archives. While the AI angle was something that snagged my interest, I have an active bafflement of hipster culture that is only increasing over time.

And yet I didn’t close the tab. This wasn’t my usual kind of webcomic, but I kept reading through the archives. I still can’t tell you why.

I think that the facepalm was invented for Marten, and the headdesk for Faye.

I’m still reading. PintSize makes fewer and fewer appearances, and I’m fine with that. Every character that gets introduced is interesting, flawed, and filled to overflowing with hilarious quirks. Every. Single. One. Even characters that seem to be designed to be one-shot and/or throw-away are missed when they go away. I don’t think any of them have stayed away for long, though.

Also, mad props for introducing and sticking with a transgendered character

How does he update so often with so much awesome? Be ready to care about the AIs you meet. Be ready to give a shit about a bunch of hipsters.

But not about that shouting bird. Screw that guy.

2 thoughts on “Review: Questionable Content

  1. glad to see you’re reading about my people :-)

    as to how he does it, this is more or less his full time job. As you may be learning hipsters love weird t shirts. He puts them on his characters then sells them on his website, it is really pretty brilliant.

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