Dad’s Day

I got to have a bunch of Father’s Days. You’re jealous. It’s ok. No one will know.

Hunter left to spend most of the summer with his Dad, but wanted to celebrate with me before he went. So, Nikki and I saved our quarters and I took Hunter to the same place we visited on our first Father’s Day together. We went to Pinball Pete’s. Quarters were inserted into slots, fighting and driving games were played, skee balls were rolled (and rolled and rolled and rolled), and tickets were collected. We got over 425 tickets between us, which Hunter spent on things that make a Hunter happy. (Yes, there was a sword.) On the way home, when we babbled about how much fun that had been, he decided that I needed a souveneir. He handed me the 8 ball keychain that he’d bought, and it’s been on my keychain since.

The Thursday before Father’s Day, Aidan, Cian, Acelyn, and Nikki came parading through my office shouting Happy Father’s Day at the top of their lungs and carrying a large foil covered plate. They had spent the morning baking me peanut butter and apple cinnamon cookies together. Many of my coworkers ate yummy cookies that day, I can tell you. That evening, we all went to MSU Dairy for some delicious ice cream. And it was. Delicious. DELICIOUS!

On the morning of Father’s Day proper, Cian, Acelyn, Nikki, and I went to the Fork in the Road diner. It was a good sign when I noticed the meat smoker going as we walked up. We got there just as they were opening, and there was already a line to the door. By the time that we were seated, the line had gone out the door. And I tell you what, the food was worth every penny (not a cheap place to eat). Cian had the American Breakfast, and shared his potatoes with Acelyn. Nikki had the biscuits and gravy. I had the smoked pork belly hash. Yeah, smoked right out in the parking lot. When we left, to quote my good friend Peter, I was fat, dumb, and happy.

Soon after that, we were on the road to the TWP to celebrate with my parents. “Uncle Joe Awesome” was there, there were burgers and brats fresh off of the grill, and there was much grandkid doting. I hope Dad has gotten some mileage out of his gift, because he was all smiles when he opened it.

This Father’s Day really brought home how lucky I am, and how amazing the gifts I’ve received are. They didn’t come in any form close to what I expected, but maybe that’s part of why.