My two panels went off pretty well. Saturday’s was standing room only, and Sunday morning’s actually had attendees. I sold a couple of books, got a bunch of badge ribbons, and ran into a crazy amount of friends that I hadn’t seen in forever. All of the webcomic flyers got picked up, and 90% of the badge ribbons are gone. Not to mention that I sold some books!

I uploaded the new pics to my Penguicon gallery.

The writery site has a new WP theme (which you already know if you’re reading this there), which I think is much more clean, crisp, and readable than the last. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Penguicon Updates

  • Badge Ribbons – rescued from the attic!
  • Copies of The Remembrance and Todd’s Story – received and ready to go!
  • Panel schedule – received and subject to change!

Methods of Life-Hacking

Methods of life-hacking to make writing easier, such as avoiding/dealing with distraction, mixing job/family/massively multiplayer online game life with writing.

@ Saturday 3PM

w/ David M. Crampton (m), David Erik Nelson, Jim C. Hines

The End is only the beginning… of the work

Following directions isn’t that hard, really.  In other words, every time I read an agent or editor or publisher’s blog, there’s an amazing rift between the work put into creating the piece and the work put into shopping the piece around.

@ Sunday 10AM

w/ David M. Crampton, The Ferrett, Sarah Monette (m)


I’m incredibly excited. With everything that’s hit the fan this year, I was hesitant to let myself believe that I’d get to go back this year. With the hotel room reserved and the books ordered, I think that it’s safe to say that I’m going to PenguiCon!

I’ve armed myself with stuff again this year:

My panel schedule has yet to be confirmed; I’ll post it here as soon as I get the info.  I’m not sure if I’ll be on as many this year.  If not, no biggie.  Maybe I’ll spend some time down at the bar or bring my swimsuit.

If you see me there, don’t be shy about flagging me down.  I plan to be caffeinated to the gills and having a ridiculous amount of fun.

Couple of Updates

Fight or Flight updated on Friday, and there’s a new blog post up over there!

No go on the EVE under Wine on this older desktop.  Considering other options.

Just put 100 of my brother-in-law(-in-law?)’s comic books up for sale at I haven’t used them before, but they’re free, and seem to have a decent comic library.  If you’re interested in picking up older comics, check their site out.

Unemployment benefits are a go.  So is the job hunt.  Any suggestions are more than welcome. :)