Writing Journal

Originally written on 02 January 2016

Picking a new title for Too Dimensional

Why does the old title bug me?

  • Too sci-fi, not enough fantasy
  • Relates to story mechanic, rather than the story itself.
  • Nikki would say I dislike it because she came up with it.
  • Doesn’t feel linked to the story.

Opening conflict – Coll being tortured by “Adam” and demon in his dreams.
Next layer out – Coll telling Julia about it.
Next layer out – Coll isn’t the only one, some of his friends are involved in the Weird Shit, too.

From Julia’s POV, this is supposed to be a paranormal mystery story.
From Adam’s POV, this is a superhero/antihero genesis story.
From Coll’s POV, this is a horror story.
From Zeke and Grace’s POV, this is the beginning of an adventure story.
From Seth’s POV, this is a paranormal romance(?) story.

Central conflict – Adam vs. Self
Secondary conflict – Adam vs. Walter

Many Aspects / Many Facets / Tunnel of Mirrors / Supporting Cast / Story Crafters / Regenesis / Neogenesis / Rebirth / Lost Story Found

Heart of the story – growth through suffering (? Really?)
Heart of the metastory – discovery

The two lines above were from 26 July 2014, and having just re-read the whole thing, I have to disagree. Not with the metastory, that still feels accurate. But the heart of this story, something I remember insisting was true to Emma in that Biggby’s, falls flat to me now.

None of the characters, except for maybe Seth, do any real growth due to suffering. The heart of this story is Adam’s awakening. In later stories, the focus and the heart will be in those around Adam, in this story he is as much catalyst as catalyzed.

Editor’s Note – I ended up going with¬†What No Eye Has Seen, rather than¬†Lost Story Found.