Distraction is rearing its ugly head. I don’t have a show playing, I’ve got music going, my journal sits here, and I’ve got the rest of my lunch break. My pen is just hovering above the empty page, taunting me.

“But you’re not done typing things up from your last journal,” my brain says.

I don’t need to be, I counter.

EVE Online sure looks shiny, and so does that web-based Transformers MMO,” my brain says.

They sure are!  I’ll just go watch some play-throughs or tutorials, read up at their web sites… wait a minute, no, I won’t. No distraction!

“You should do more research before you put words down. Reread that old piece so you can get a good bead on the character before you plunk her down in that other piece,” my brain says.

Good idea, I’ll just pull up LiveJournal and… damn it, brain! No! I need to put words down! I need to get the momentum going in the new book, since I had so much at the end of the last one! What’s your problem, anyway?

“Fine,” my brain says. “Ask your friend for advice, or at least tell him that you’re stuck. You’ll feel better.”

Oh, good idea. I’ll just pull up my IM window, and start chatting… SON OF A TRISCUIT! Brain, I would throttle you if I could! You know what? I’ll just write a journal entry.  Maybe that’ll work.

“Nah, too meta.”