Site Update

It was bound to happen. Inevitable, really. It could not be avoided, no matter how much I fought against it.

In the last WordPress update, my theme broke. It drew ugly lines across the browser, overlapping any photos or text that was unlucky enough to be in the way. So, I decided to switch themes. If you’re reading this on the site, you’ve probably already figured that out by now. If not, well, I did. So there.

Some formatting tweaks needed to be made, and I finally made the time to get them done yesterday. There was some pretty outdated information in there, as well.

After some tweaks, revising, and simplification, I present to you, my new page of writery goodness! CUE THE TRUMPETS!

What? No trumpets? Fine.

Feel free to poke around, kick the tires, give it a look-see.

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