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Finding a good WordPress theme has turned into, as the kids say, a Whole Thing.

Maybe I’m being too picky. I’m the first to admit that in some things, I get unreasonably fussy. Perhaps this is one of those times.

When it comes to blog posts, I don’t want the category displayed, because I’ve entirely moved over to the tag system. That’s what I’d been doing behind the scenes for those past few months, and I really don’t want to have to go back through all of that again. So, either no categories, or I need to be able to turn them off.

I want a banner graphic area that will fit some version of the laser eyes graphic without being a complete pain in the rear. I understand that most businesses have moved on to square graphics that bleed into the background. It’s part of that scroll *waves hands* stuff that has become so popular. I have a great banner graphic, dang it, and I want to use it.

I want color customization. I am shocked at how few free themes include more than background color pickers. Most of them don’t even have paid versions to upgrade to.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. I’m using the theme browser inside of my (self-installed) WordPress administration panel. Are there others out there? Should I migrate over to their hosted solution, I know I’ll find the right path eventually, but I’m frustrated with being stymied in the here and now.


Just a quick note – I’ve finished updating the blog entries with proper tags, and removing categories. This was an involved manual process that took me along the roller coaster ride of my life since I began my Livejournal account, which I later imported here.

Honestly, how did anyone tolerate me back then? ;)

What this means is that I can now move forward on finding the WordPress theme that can turn into a landing page for All The Things, rather than just the home of my Writery Goodness. The reasons for this are many and varied, and I may ramble on about them sometime in the future.

For now, this mountain has been climbed. On to the next.

Site Updates Coming

Skippy with mask

Hey everyone. First, I want to say thank you, for sticking around while the blog’s posts have been intermittent in the best of times. I’ve been stalled, as of late, getting some security updates installed for WordPress, and it didn’t feel right adding new content while it might not be secure, and with everything else going on in the world, I’ve put a hold on shilling in general. So, it really means a lot to me that you’re here. Same goes for people who are just coming by. Welcome!

Secondly, I’m going to be updating the theme of the site so that the landing page is more of a, well, landing page. The blog will still be here, but it might require an extra click to get to. The good news is that you’ll be able to check in on all of my major projects from one place. The blog, the writery goodness, vlog, the Twitch channel, the YouTube archive, the tech projects, the webcomic, all of it.

Thirdly, in an effort to get back on the fiction-writing bike, I’m intending to post some fan fiction that I have rolling around in my head. Right here! For your eyeballs! So, get ready for that!

Remember, you’re awesome, and you’ve got this.

I’m getting smaller!

Let me first say that I am not on a diet. I am purposefully and willfully still eating what I want to eat. I did not set out to modify my intake in any way whatsoever. Additionally, my only increase in activity is a less-regular-than-I’d-like morning walk. No gym membership, no weights, no exercise machinery or videos.

That said, my Hawaiian shirts are now too big and my tighter pants fit. The previously-comfortable pants now threaten to fall off, even with the belt. Pants that I had no hope of fastening are now snug. My comfortably-loose shirts… I’ve never been able to say that clothes “just hang off of me,” but now I can. I fit into my LiquidWeb polo shirts, which I couldn’t do when I worked there, nor any time between. I’ve dropped about seventeen pounds (I won’t go on my rant about focusing on pounds as a metric of getting healthier… this time).

What’s changed? I’m paying attention to what goes in my mouth, and how much. I’m paying attention to how active I am. As I mentioned before, I’m using MyFitnessPal for the former and FitBit for the latter. Being able to see it and to track it has triggered a change in my behavior.

I’m saying no to seconds, and finding that I dish up less for firsts. When I don’t immediately feel full, instead of getting seconds, I wait a bit to see if I feel satisfied. I drink coffee (black) and water (often with Mio).

None of these choices were conscious. I don’t consider the benefits, weigh the pros and cons, before I make these decisions. Just like when I started tracking my food and added a FitBit to my wish list, these all seem to come from my gut.

I worry, sometimes, that this is a flight of fancy rather than a change in my lifestyle. I really like the results – how I feel, less pain in my knees (noticeable already!), not having the urge to finish the food my kids didn’t eat. If this isn’t a conscious choice, will I backslide as easily as I got into it?

Only time will tell. For now, I really need to get the Hawaiian shirts out of my closet. They look terrible.

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State of the Skippy – Holidays

Historically, I’ve not been very good at summation posts. Things like conventions, conferences, holidays, vacations and the like are so full of experience that blogging about any one of them feels like a pale tribute at best. Instead of trying to capture the entirety of the season, I’ll make a couple of notes about some highlights.

We got to see Annie at the Wharton Center, and watch my good friend knock ’em dead as Daddy Warbucks. Wrangling was done to make the tickets happen, risk-taking was done to make after-play food happen, and then visiting was done to send Gil and Allison off on their winter break. An excellent afternoon, evening, night, and morning. And I’m not just saying that because of the scotch, the mac and cheese, and the breakfast. Did I mention the scotch?

The family gatherings this year were amazing, though we were down one due to illness. Gifts were exchanged, children (and perhaps some adults) ate way too much junk food, silly hats were worn, drinks of many varieties were imbibed, and everyone made it through safe and sound. In the end, an amazing set of holidays.

16028681287_70d0f20687_zThey moved the Great Lakes Invitational back inside the Joe Louis Arena, thank goodness. No more open-air hockey shenanigans. Cian and I arrived in time for the championship game between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University. Trying to explain the rivalry between these two similar-sounding schools to my friends who live out of state is an exercise in hilarity.

The holidays were so much more than this. I didn’t mention that Cian knew I was going to have a coffee and a coney at the game, how hilarious the white elephant games were this year, or how we’ve apparently been Doing It Wrong this whole time. I didn’t talk about the tree, the new battery charger that I got, my renewed interest in video games, or the New Year’s party.

And maybe that’s good, because then I didn’t have to bring up who won the hockey game.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow (today, if you’re in the Eastern time zone), I leave San Francisco for Lansing.

But, Dave (you may say), you just got there!  Not so.  I’ve actually been here since the 2nd of February, which was around the time that the Writing Journal posts kicked back into gear.

Fooled you!

Um, anyway, in other news, the server upon which the blog is hosted is currently being migrated, so certain aspects of the site may not be available intermittently.

In other news, because I can’t resist their mocha tesora, I happily provide a link to Philz Coffee.  Mmmmmmm.

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Site Update

It was bound to happen. Inevitable, really. It could not be avoided, no matter how much I fought against it.

In the last WordPress update, my theme broke. It drew ugly lines across the browser, overlapping any photos or text that was unlucky enough to be in the way. So, I decided to switch themes. If you’re reading this on the site, you’ve probably already figured that out by now. If not, well, I did. So there.

Some formatting tweaks needed to be made, and I finally made the time to get them done yesterday. There was some pretty outdated information in there, as well.

After some tweaks, revising, and simplification, I present to you, my new page of writery goodness! CUE THE TRUMPETS!

What? No trumpets? Fine.

Feel free to poke around, kick the tires, give it a look-see.

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