Myst III: Exile

I have placed my palm on the shifting image in the book of Myst. I have fallen through the rift of stars to finally arrive on Myst Island. I have solved the riddles and discovered the twin treacheries of the brothers, Sirrus and Achenar. I have visited D’ni, and then Riven, and then Catherine’s impossible world. I have trapped Gehn and fallen once more through the starry rift, aching to return home. Now, ten years later, my good friend Atrus has invited me to his home. I long to see him, his wife Catherine, and their new baby girl, Yeesha.

He says that he has something grand to show me. He says that he has finally written an Age worthy of the remnants of the D’ni. He intends to show me this Releeshahn, I think.

I’m in an Age that I’ve never seen before. Some lunatic used a book to enter Atrus’ study. He lit curtains and tapestries on fire, stole the book to Releeshahn, and linked back to where I am now. On an impulse, I followed him. I could not catch up to him before he locked himself in a structure near the center of the island. (Why is it always islands?) I will search for other entrances.

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