Honeymoon Post #1

Written 11/01/04:

We’re on our third train, and we haven’t slept – excluding naps – since we woke up yesterday before the wedding. I’ve broken through a wall, as G.A. would say, so I’m no longer consciously tired.

The last train that we were on was so very packed, that we couldn’t get seats next to each other. So, we sat across the aisle from each other, in the back of the car. They were two rows of seats that face each other, and we were surrounded by students and a couple from Bermuda (originally from Philly, with family in New York and Canada) who belong to the free masons. Huge, solid gold ring with the logo. Oddly enough, his mannerisms held a hint of Cho Cho.

Who didn’t come to the wedding. Along with Murawski.

Anyway, two of the students had laptops, and three had books. Between the four of them. So, there was this wonderfully lulling clackety-clack noise while the train car rocked gently back and forth. Benny was out like a light. Now, we’re on an Amtrak train that’s staffed by Canadian National (VIA) employees. While the other trains were more cramped, and less comfortable, they spent more time actually moving. I guess Amtrak’s reputation is fairly well-earned. Every CN/VIA train has been on time, almost exactly.

We’re slowly rolling through a very beat-up looking industrial area. Looks like just south of Detroit, or Gary, Indiana. For some odd reason, I wasn’t expecting to see something like that rolling through Canada. Maybe beady eyes and flip-top heads, but there I go with the ridiculous stereotyping again. Speaking of industrial, the last train station we were at – Aldershot – had its station building connected to its landings by underground concrete tunnels that are lit by old flourescents. Very cool.

If you can’t tell by the shaky writing, the train has picked up some speed. It’s hard not to be in a rush. BTW, Benny has once again crashed out. I find myself slipping into odd dreams about the wedding. You’d think that that would have happened before the event, not now. I know that I’m falling asleep because I’ll hear Dad or Mom or Joe’s voice.