Workitty work work.


Taking advantage of my mornings at home to do as much learning as I can. Apple Learn&Earn is an interesting program. Then I went to a Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce luncheon and ate an excellent chicken and pasta dish while listening to a presentation about the necessity of quality. Quality customer service is the only thing that will differentiate a company. And that starts with strong management. I wholly agree. Looks like we may be screwed. Heh.

Calls, calls, and more calls… oh, and look. The Apple Leads site is borked. Fantastic. The exact leads that I was asked to concentrate on. Wonderful. Oh, well, I’ll plow through this somehow.

I could so use some decent music right about now. From signs, portends, and drama, it appears that another bitch-slap is coming. For some reason I don’t feel this one nearly as much as everyone around me. Or maybe I’m just ignoring all my dreams about military campaigns. Heh.

Sleep != Rest

It would be really, really nice if I would actually get rest when I slept.

The paper’s finished. I resent the pressure from work, and am having to force myself to not react in a negative manner.

I had really good orange chocolate yesterday, thanks to . Not only that, but she bought excellent vanilla incense.

Thoughts in class.

So, I haven’t finished my paper yet. I’m going to finish it today and e-mail it to the professor. Hopefully, that will work out all right. Next paper: start when I receive the assignment sheet. It’s odd, though. Usually the prof is here by now and has started the class, despite being early. Maybe I’ll get stupid-lucky and she won’t show. Hope hope hope for the 15-minute rule.

Work is cracking down. I can’t say that I blame my boss. It’s looking like they might go under, if I judge from my boss alone. My guess is that small companies fold much more quickly than large ones. I still hold out hope for the death of CoreComm. Not that I’m bitter. Not at all. So, it’s lots of phone calls for me.

Argh! No luck. The prof has arrived! Heh. I rock. She’s approved e-mailing the paper.

So tired and so bored at the lecture. I have to write in here to stay awake. Even that might not keep me coherent. Totally not working.