Looks like my panel schedule hasn’t changed yet. I’ve gone through and added all of the panels that I’d like to attend to my Google Calendar. I was planning on hitting the bar and/or the pool at some point, right? *squints at the double-booking* They have to make their panels so damn interesting…

I’ve got some packing to do, some gathering of my homemade promotional materials, and a double-check of the driving directions. I intend on taking some photos, and linking to others, but I hope to see you there in person. :) The quest begins in earnest tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “PenguiCon!

  1. Was good to catch up with you. I know you don’t have much free time, but if you ever find yourself with a gap in your schedule it would be cool to catch lunch or whatever…I’m willing to drive to your neck of the woods.

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