Won’t you be my neighbor?

So, I get the last of my red markers, seen below in a strangely squished screenshot. Last &*^@ red marker. I’m let into the back room of the Great Zero Machine, and what do I find? Yeah, more marker hunts. These ones are a bit different, and a bit more fun, but I needed a bit of a break, so I logged off there.

Today, I picked it up again. See, I’d wondered if I should hop back on Yeesha’s path right away, instead of doing these timed marker hunts. When I finish these hunts, my KI will be upgraded with some neat position marking, IIRC, but I could never figure out what that was really good for. Especially from Age to Age. Another option was to try and find people to accompany me to the garden Ages so that I could finish something I’d never finished in my previous stint in the Cavern. Then I got to thinking how despite my sporadic visits, I’m the only one in my neighborhood that’s seemed to log on.

The Great Zero Machine is neighborhood instanced, which means that your neighborhood shares a unique version of that Age. Nobody else can get in there with you. I can share images and such of my accomplishments in my Neighborhood, but if I’m the only one left in it, why bother? Neighbors would be great to log on with and run through the garden Ages with.

Myst Online: Uru Live is free now, to play. No monies. So, here’s my pitch to recruit my friends into my particular version of online crack. Won’t you be my neighbor?