Mastered the Markers

Even after trekking through the Cavern back and forth, to and fro, here and anon, over and over, searching for markers, I can still stop and appreciate the beauty of D’ni. (Pic on left)

The marker missions are done. I did the yellow and red Great Zero marker missions, and then I did all of the calibration marker missions. I’m almost back to where I was when the Cavern was closed off to us a few years back. Still, though it was cool, once again, to get in-cavern location numbers showing up on my KI, it was a disappointment when the other two doors – the ones with the Great Zero insignia – didn’t open. (Pic on right) I remember having an insatiable curiosity about what these doors hid the last time, and I have to admit that it’s the same this time around.

The graph from last time is gone, replaced with the pulsing image of a Great Zero marker. So, if it had a purpose, it no longer does.