2K, seriously?

So, I got The Bioshock Collection for the PS4 for Yule. I asked for it, and getting it made me very happy. (Thanks again, brother-in-law!)

Later, I found out the hard way that 2K disabled streaming from their game on the major consoles. Odd, because they’d used Let’s Play videos as a way to spread interest in the game. While a bummer, I still had three games I wanted to play, that I’d get to play. I just wouldn’t be able to share them.

I had an idea today while watching one of my stepson’s videos. Had they disabled the console’s video recording feature? If streaming was off, that should be off too, right?


I’ll be able to record my gameplay and share it after the fact! Yay!

But, wait. Why go through the effort of turning off streaming at all? WTF, 2K?