How did I miss this?

There’s another geared-for-adults Transformers show! It’s called Combiner Wars, it’s been out since August of last year, and it’s made up of five minute episodes.

Two sequel short series are planned: Titans Return and Power of the Primes. Just look at the voice actors!

Even though it’s on Verizon’s Go90 network, and is animated terribly (just… it’s bad), go watch it. Because Transformers, that’s why.

Shit my kids say

Me: “Are you watching me stand on the porch?”

Acelyn: “I like watching people.”

Me: “You like watching people?”

Acelyn: “I’m a spy.”

Me: “I think part of being a spy is not telling people that you’re a spy.”

Acelyn: “You can tell your parents.”

When it rains…

I feel like I’ve just finished migrating my blog off of LiveJournal and onto my WordPress blog. Now I need to find a Flickr substitute.

Yahoo!, I can’t brag about having worked for you any more. It’d be like bragging about when I worked for Comcast. I mean, Verizon? Really?