I did it again! Well, technically I did it back in November, but I still did it! Another journal bites the dust!

This one was given to me by my Mom and Dad as a way to record my adventures in Japan when I was sixteen. My school district had a Japanese program that I participated in during my High School years.  We also had a sister school, and I spent a couple of weeks in a host family’s home. I was lucky enough to be able to return the favor the next summer, and show Nobu around Michigan a bit. Anyway, as I tend to do, I spent more time experiencing the trip than I did writing about it. So, when I rediscovered the journal, only a few pages had been filled.

Truth be told, it’s not even really a journal. It’s a planner for the 1993/1994 academic year. It wasn’t tough to modify – I just wrote around the date markers, the entries from my trip, and the various checklists. I made sure to leave some buffer space around my trip journal so that I didn’t ruin my scribbles for posterity.

At first, I’d tried to turn it into a gaming journal. Myst 3: Exile, Myst Online, Eve Online, and Everquest 2. That effort went the way of most of my single-purpose journal efforts, which is to say nowhere. I picked it back up when I’d filled up the last journal, and filled it with quite a bit of Glass Crown, some final Adam’s Name – Detroit edits, and the beginning of the Remembrance rewrite. Looking back, it feels like I stayed incredibly on task through the entire thing.

Five months to fill its tiny lines and thin, recycled pages.

On to the next! There are stories to be told!