Writing Journal

Originally written on 29 September 2016.

The scavengers congregate outside the silos, masquerading as the gathered homeless. They spend the day inside, if they don’t have another hovel staked out as their personal territory. The silos have been patched with rusting metal and tar to keep out the sunlight, and the doors are barred from the inside to prevent intruders. They value their privacy, and are not kind to strangers.

These are the vampires who turned Cole. The gun had been taken east to the Mother and her brood (Two Vampires, What No Eye Has Seen), and then a raiding party took it back. The gun isn’t particularly precious to the scavengers, but you don’t steal from them and get away with it.

Because of the theft, they have hidden the gun in one of their caches scattered throughout the area. As reviled and scorned as they are, safe houses and supply drops are incredibly useful. After Adam and Susan help defend the silos from the demon, the scavengers reveal the gun’s location and tell them it’s theirs.

Several scavengers will be burnt by the demon as they attack it. Susan will eventually risk the Sight, and through the madness of the demon’s mind, she’ll discover that Walter brought it here from another “dimension.” Adam will be able to sense that tether, the one that’s keeping it there. He’ll sever it, snapping the creature back to its home and breaking its pact with Walter.

Walter’s already pissy from the CPD’s discovery of what he was up to, and he’ll be orders of magnitude angrier when the pact is broken. Will he sense it right away, or will he depend on a more mundane sign? The latter, I think.