Life keeps on happening. In all senses.

My apologies for dropping off of the radar for a bit.  In no particular order, here’s some updates:

Kids: Infections.  I’m not going to go into specific, but both Aidan and Cian are on more than one antibiotic each.

Job: What job?  That’s right, I’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed.  At least this time they told me that I didn’t do anything wrong. Working on finding another job, and launching a start-up.  Yes, small businesses can be called that in Michigan.  There’s no rule against it.

More kids: I’m going to be a Dad again.  I feel like making some sort of comment bragging about my virility, fertility, and general awesomeness of my loin area.  *gestures to groin*  But I won’t, because if nothing else, I’m classy.

Transformers: So, this game looks like it’s got all of the awesomeness of every Transformers universe ever written about, filmed, cartoonified, or published in comic book form.  In fact, this looks a lot like what Mosier and myself had envisioned a while back.  I WANT THIS NOW PLEASE.  Enjoy the trailer. :)

EVE Online:
Spent another hour and a half online the other night, and ended up out of Minmatar space, in a Gallante Federation station.  I had clicked the wrong bookmark in People & Places, set it as my destination, and let the autopilot do the work.  I saw some nifty jump gate designs that I hadn’t witnessed before.  Totally worth the trip.