Leaving space for a cavern?


I’m knocking on wood when I say this… it appears that we are out of the woods.  Neither Hunter nor Nikki have had regressions into the land of Flu, Aidan has successfully been transferred to his father’s house without any more butt explosions, and my feelings of nausea and exhaustion have mostly faded.  We’re settling back into our usual routine of frantic.  Instead of the other routine of frantic.  Um.  Yeah.

Mom and Dad are on vacation, and I hope that they’re having a great time.  I foresee souvenir spoiling of the grandkids in the near future. ;)

Spent the weekend with Nikki’s sister and family.  This culminated in an epic bowling outing that involved four lanes of bowlers.  I missed bowling quite a bit, it seemed, and I hadn’t lost my barely-break-100 touch.  Heh.

Oh!  There are new photos up on Flickr from Yule.


Once again, I unknowingly went a week without logging in to EVE Online.  I logged back in last night, and I’d lost the auto-offered mission.  The training agent won’t speak to me.  I’m really thinking that EVE requires a more active player, and that it’s not really designed for the casual level that I play at.  I mean, at this rate, I’ll never finish the training missions for the different careers.  So, I’m seriously considering not buying more time.

On an unrelated and yet surprisingly opportune note, Myst Online: URU Live is back up and running.  They’re calling it MO:ULagain, and the server’s being run by donations.  Cyan once again owns full rights, and it’s nearly exactly the same.  There are some more helpful clues lying around, like an explanation of D’ni time, and a clock in (I’m guessing) every neighborhood instead of just some.  Either that, or I’m one of the lucky ones to get the clock.

If EVE doesn’t pan out, I could definitely see my way to donating my monthly fee to Myst Online.


Got my speakers set up at my desktop as well.  I even found my media hub from Xmas at Liquid Web.  Switches perfectly between headset and speakers, and the volume control works.  Not bad for spending several years in basements and storage areas.

Capsuleer’s Log

Feels good to be running missions again.  Less aimlessness, more focus.  Yesterday’s mission was a bit eyebrow-raising, but it seemed straightforward enough.  Equip my ship with a Civilian Scavenger, head out to a wreck at given coordinates, and retrieve the wreck’s black box.  Bring it back, bam, done.  Easy, right?

The rewards were a bit out of this world.  74,000 ISK, which is a little higher than normal.  That’s the bonus payment, though.  The primary payment is another Burst class frigate.  The Agent’s acting all sketchy, too.  I have to get to it first, he says.  The Angel Cartel pirates are looking for the black box, and its contents can’t be made public, he says.

I hesitated for a moment.  Did I really have a choice?  If I turned him down, I’dnever get any more missions.  I know I’m still too green to be trying to mine or pirate on my own.  I’d get my capsule handed to me.  So, I accepted.  Only took moments to re-fit the Wolf Walker and head out to the coordinates.  When I came out of warp, there was one Angel Cartel rookie hanging out.  Probably keeping a lookout while the real pirates were on the way – his ship registered as a rookie, and hew as easily dispatched.  The scavenging took a while – I need to get better at that – but patience made it simple.  Took the black box back to the station, picked up my new ship and my ISK.

Should keep my eyes open for anything related to this mission, I think.

Next mission was a simple mining run.  I re-fitted my Miner 1 and headed out to the mission’s coordinates.  Good thing I’d started the mining track earlier, eh?  Angel Cartel pirate decided to interrupt my mining cycle and got blown up for his trouble.  I have to admit, these Titanium Sabot rounds were a good purchase.  Once my cargo hold was full of cartel loot and veldspar, I headed back to the station for reprocessing. Finished the mission, and sold the extra minerals from my salvaged loot and extra veldspar.

I need to train some prerequisite skills before I can start training up my salvaging.  That skill has me rubbing my hands together and cackling.


Capsuleer’s Log

After a destroy-the-pirate mission and a courier mission, that Advising Agent was tapped out.  He sent me to a friend at Ryddinjorn, but I’d already let a mission from him lapse, so he wasn’t interested.

Once again, I decided to give the Agent Manifest a try.  Maybe my standing had increased enough after the last couple of missions to start getting missions again.   I tried the first one, and BAM!  Mission!  Another courier mission, and through space that doesn’t go beneath 0.9 security.  Cakewalk.

I’m thinking that I’ve got my foot back in the door with the Agents, and I should be able to keep repairing my standing.  I’m hoping that it’ll be enough to complete all of the Advisory missions.  As I understand it, at that point I’ll join a Corporation or I’ll start taking story arc missions.

Can I join a Corp and still progress through the advisory missions?  I wonder.

Geek Success!

I’ve now got EVE Online working under that older desktop.  A couple of tweaks, and it’s smooth like butter.  Uh, except for sound.  That’s still in the works.

Capsuleer’s Log

Warping through twelve jump gates to get across Metropolis.  I’m seriously hoping that the training agents on this side of space – even though they’re also Pator Tech School – don’t hate me for my long lapses between missions in Embod IV.

Huh.  So Todifrauan VII, the system that houses another Pator Tech School station, is low-security.  How sweet is that.  While I’m biting my nails about my ship getting blown to bits, I’m still distracted by the variances in jump gate construction.  All seem to act the same – swallow the ship in a wormhole, shoot it across space, leaving a trail of light as wake – but there are fundamental differences in construction.

I’ve arrived at Pator Tech School in the far-off Todifrauan system.  I cross my fingers and bring up the station’s agent manifest.  Level 1 Agent is available to me.  Level 2 Agent is not available to me (expected).  Lo and behold, there is a Training Agent under Agents of Interest!  Excellent!  Wait, that name looks familiar.  Embod IV?  *Jaw Drop*  Will he talk to me?

*Shifty Eyes*

He will!  Here we go again, warping across fourteen gates back to Embod IV’s Pator Tech School station.  I’m pretty sure that this guy trains in combat.  At this pint, I’ll take what I can get.

Couple of Updates

Fight or Flight updated on Friday, and there’s a new blog post up over there!

No go on the EVE under Wine on this older desktop.  Considering other options.

Just put 100 of my brother-in-law(-in-law?)’s comic books up for sale at ComicsForSale.com. I haven’t used them before, but they’re free, and seem to have a decent comic library.  If you’re interested in picking up older comics, check their site out.

Unemployment benefits are a go.  So is the job hunt.  Any suggestions are more than welcome. :)

Electronic Upheaval

So Nikki’s laptop is dead until we can get it serviced.  This will involve dealing with big box stores and “certified” repair centers, and shipping it across country.  The idea of this does not wow me.  So, in the meantime, she’s using my laptop, and I have thrown together a desktop system or two.

A little while back, I received a Dell and a Compaq desktop from my good friends George and Trase.  The machines were given with the intention that they go to use for something that wasn’t sitting in their garage collecting dust.  Into my SETI@Retirement Home project they went.  As they’re Pentium 4 boxen with a decent amount of RAM, I pulled them out and re-worked them.

The Dell takes a particular kind of RAM which is far too expensive to upgrade, so it ended up with Edubuntu, and is pending a setup in Hunter’s room.  The Compaq took normal RAM for its type of motherboard, and I had a gig lying around, so I upgraded it from 2x256mb to 2x512mb, and added a 256mb Nvidia AGP video card.  Ubuntu seems to like the card just fine, and in between job hunting and chores around the house, I’m updating the kernel so that EVE Online will do something other than freeze and stutter under Wine.

I did miss the feel of my first-generation Microsoft ergonomic keyboard.

Life keeps on happening. In all senses.

My apologies for dropping off of the radar for a bit.  In no particular order, here’s some updates:

Kids: Infections.  I’m not going to go into specific, but both Aidan and Cian are on more than one antibiotic each.

Job: What job?  That’s right, I’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed.  At least this time they told me that I didn’t do anything wrong. Working on finding another job, and launching a start-up.  Yes, small businesses can be called that in Michigan.  There’s no rule against it.

More kids: I’m going to be a Dad again.  I feel like making some sort of comment bragging about my virility, fertility, and general awesomeness of my loin area.  *gestures to groin*  But I won’t, because if nothing else, I’m classy.

Transformers: So, this game looks like it’s got all of the awesomeness of every Transformers universe ever written about, filmed, cartoonified, or published in comic book form.  In fact, this looks a lot like what Mosier and myself had envisioned a while back.  I WANT THIS NOW PLEASE.  Enjoy the trailer. :)

EVE Online:
Spent another hour and a half online the other night, and ended up out of Minmatar space, in a Gallante Federation station.  I had clicked the wrong bookmark in People & Places, set it as my destination, and let the autopilot do the work.  I saw some nifty jump gate designs that I hadn’t witnessed before.  Totally worth the trip.


Deep Space Elventy Bajillion

2010.01.11-02Those Minmatar space stations, those are solid-looking pieces of construction, I tell you what. I mean, of course, they’re policed to hell and back. Sure, you could attack someone in one of these high-security zones, but you’d have ships swarming all over you in an instant. And who knows if your pod would survive? There are places, rough places, out away from the empires, where that sort of thing is the way it goes, all the time. But here, in the heart of the Minmatar Republic, a noob like me can feel safe training up before heading out into lawless space.