Soundwave superior, Constructicons inferior.

Remember that post, a little bit ago, where I said it’s been forever since I bought a Transformer? Well… I found one that not only satisfied my pickiness, but also brought me joy to buy.

Soundwave bot mode

I’ve been a fan of Soundwave since there’s been a Soundwave. 1984 to present, cassette deck to futuristic jet to lowered SUV to communications satellite, I have been a fan. Don’t even get me started on his depiction in Transformers Prime. Just amazing. They even once made a Soundwave MP3 player, and if I had had the cash at the time, I guarantee that I would have owned it.

I’m not trying to establish my nerd cred here. This is not an assertion of my Transformers Fan Superiority. If it has that effect, fine, I won’t complain. What I’m trying to do here is communicate my ages-old fan status of the Decepticon that was always just a little bit different from his fellow Cybertronians.

Soundwave car mode

This toy, the Cyberverse Deluxe Class Soundwave, met all my nit-picks. It’s well articulated. It’s not top heavy or picky about how the feet are aligned or posed. It looks good in both robot and vehicle modes. There is no overwhelming kibble when in robot mode, and there’s no obvious robot bits in vehicle mode. Laserbeak is not only included, but can still transform into a cartridge (engine?) and fit into Soundwave’s chest. Both modes can be played with!

And let’s not forget, this is a Deluxe class. That’s a $20 USD price point. Not sixty bucks, or even forty. Twenty bucks. It’s pretty dang small, but it’s better than most Soundwave toys that have come out in the last thirty years.

If you find this one in your local store, or online, I highly recommend it. Especially if you’re a Soundwave fan.

I find your argument logical.

I haven’t bought any Transformers for about four years. Ultra Magnus was the last, four or so years ago. I’ve resisted, even with some REALLY good figures that have come out. My enthusiasm has been dampened ever since I sold off my entire collection for rent and utility money.

And then this Christmas happened.

This is Shockwave from the Transformers Cyberverse – Battle for Cybertron toy line. It also came with the left leg and foot of a Build-a-Figure for Maccadam, a mysterious bar owner on Cybertron, who features heavily. My kids and their mom bought Shockwave for me for XMas and Yule; they saw it, and immediately thought of how much I’d like it. And I do! The robot mode is definitely my favorite. For such a small figure, it has many points of articulation, and poses very well. The Shockwave look that’s been developed from G1 to now is present, especially in his robot mode. Also, the gun arm is removable, so you can play before the injury, or after, or on whichever arm you want. Also a laser blast that you can attach onto the end of either gun! I’ve never had that before!

If I remember correctly, Transformers Animated was the first Shockwave to turn into a tank. Of course, he also turned into an Autobot, so all bets were off. He’s made an excellent tank since then, culminating, in my opinion, in the Tranformers Prime animated series.

I was uncertain about this spider-tank (quad-tank?) mode at first, but it is definitely growing on me. Once the knees and elbows are bent properly, it looks less like a robot doing the crab walk, and more like an actual futuristic walker. And, to be perfectly honest, the laser last looks even better in this mode.

Overall, I’m impressed with the detail, articulation points and angles, paint job, and detail molded right into the plastic. This small USD $20 toy beats out so many past attempts, many of them a lot more expensive, with ease. I am thoroughly impressed.

Thank you to my kids and their mom for this thoughtful and fantastic gift!

Growing Up.

Nikki: So you only have a few more Transformers until you’re done eBaying.

Dave: Well, no, because I have Matt’s stuff to put up, and the stuff that gave to me forever ago…

Nikki: I mean, you’re almost done with your stuff.

Dave: OH!  It’s an accomplishment, that’s what you mean!

Nikki: Yes.  Does it feel like growing up?

Dave: I dunno.  Does growing up feel like half painful and half I-don’t-know-what-the-hell-is-going-on?

Nikki: Yup.

Dave: Then yeah, it feels like growing up.

Life keeps on happening. In all senses.

My apologies for dropping off of the radar for a bit.  In no particular order, here’s some updates:

Kids: Infections.  I’m not going to go into specific, but both Aidan and Cian are on more than one antibiotic each.

Job: What job?  That’s right, I’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed.  At least this time they told me that I didn’t do anything wrong. Working on finding another job, and launching a start-up.  Yes, small businesses can be called that in Michigan.  There’s no rule against it.

More kids: I’m going to be a Dad again.  I feel like making some sort of comment bragging about my virility, fertility, and general awesomeness of my loin area.  *gestures to groin*  But I won’t, because if nothing else, I’m classy.

Transformers: So, this game looks like it’s got all of the awesomeness of every Transformers universe ever written about, filmed, cartoonified, or published in comic book form.  In fact, this looks a lot like what Mosier and myself had envisioned a while back.  I WANT THIS NOW PLEASE.  Enjoy the trailer. :)

EVE Online:
Spent another hour and a half online the other night, and ended up out of Minmatar space, in a Gallante Federation station.  I had clicked the wrong bookmark in People & Places, set it as my destination, and let the autopilot do the work.  I saw some nifty jump gate designs that I hadn’t witnessed before.  Totally worth the trip.