Reading through the old entries makes me happy.

It seems that as time passes after I write a piece, it gets downgraded in my head. I’ll go back and read the novel, and be amazed at my favorite phrases and that it was actual quality writing. The same is happening now as I re-post the Todd storyline.

It’ll probably happen again when I begin to post the Two Vampires story that was originally posted in . This one will be a revised version, and I’m going to want your input on whether or not to continue it into a novel. My writing for publication prof was fairly adamant that it should be, but I will want your opinion as well. :)

I received a visit from , later accompanied by yesterday, and that was sweet. Not only did I get ANOTHER super-sweet birthday gift, but we went to see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a fantastic adaptation of the first book, and I enjoyed every second of it. and I were laughing and giggling at points that nobody else was, so I guess we got a few more of the jokes. Whoops.

Also, the popcorn at NCG Cinemas was verrah tasty. They had a garlic parmesan flavor powder that you could put on your wonderfully over-buttered and over-salted popcorn that had me munching away quite contentedly through the previews. Heh.

Now, I’m at the Cowles House on MSU’s campus. I got to work late this morning, and they were a little miffed. But, I’ve been pretty good about getting things done as soon as they set them in front of me, so I’m not too worried. I’m out at 1:30, and then it’s off to the book store. Of course I have a stack of pleasure reading to do over the week, but I can’t resist. This gift card from X-Mas is just begging to be spent. :)