Oh ye of little fai… OW!! That was my FACE!!

So, this whole deciding to purchase a new laptop thing… way out of my ideal set. I’m all about re-use, and defeating the consumer within me. At the same time, there are specific things that I want in a laptop. The ability to use wireless connectivity (PCMCIA expansion I’m okay with). The ability to run OS X (which means it’s an Apple laptop with built-in USB). Really, that’s it.

So, I’m sitting on the can, where I do all my good thinkin’, and I’m blindsided by my own dorkitude. A later-generation Powerbook G3. Eminently upgradable, built-in USB, and even firewire on some models. Very friendly for wireless, especially with OS X.

AND IT’S MY FAVORITE COLOR. That’s the reason I never put a lot of effort into looking for a clamshell iBook. I never really dug the way they look. ‘Course I’m vain. Even my dog is goth. Heh.

So, lo and behold, what do I find?


Of course, I can’t afford the buy it now price until June, and it may never reach its reserve. Perhaps I should email the seller about negotiations if and when the reserve is not met. Either way… ME WANTY!! Heh.