[White Wolf] Phil’s Journal

This was written after the 11 June game.

Mei Ling kept talking about the “puppy pile”, and how it would make me feel better. I have to admit that she was right. I was moping in my room in the house, wondering if they’d order me to strip when they came in (and gearing up to get all petulant about it, honestly) when there was a soft knock on the door.

They were polite. They didn’t push me. They were there to listen. They were patient, waiting for me to open up in my own time. Despite being the one that did most of the talking, I feel like I am infinitely closer to these two than I intended to be.

I was worried that I was going to lose Ling after I told her about the Quiet. Instead, she came back with an entire Cabal that she wanted me involved in. There’s so much that we’ve all talked about… I can’t write it all down…

[There’s a darker spot on the paper, and some smeared ink. The text starts again below that.]

Rapid-fire. This is how it was in the Quiet, or in that time that I remember as Quiet. Revelations and understandings would come in spurts, and so fast that I could only react for fear of drowning. My fortune in a year’s time is to be in California, fighting what seems to be Nephandi. If I still have no avatar, I will still fight. If I do have an avatar, then I will have succeeded where others have failed, if they have even tried.

The Weaver’s Song. The Dragon’s Song. An avatar that is of the Weaver, but not mad. One who serves balance.

Weaver affiliate Phil is off to The Well, somewhere in China, to meet his fate. See you soon.