No Man’s Sky Wish List

Keep in mind, No Man’s Sky is one of my favorite games of all time. I have sung its praises at length, and enough to irritate many. That being said, I have some things that I’d love to see implemented…

  • Focus on bug fixes
    • Multiplayer animations: Solar Sail ships, door triggering, capes
    • Snapping when building
    • Ship clipping
    • Animals glitching over terrain
  • Ship customization
    • Let us paint our ships, for the love of all that’s holy
  • More impact on the multi-verse, like space station repair and claiming
  • More merch
    • Please re-stock fat person sizes for the hoodies, and add ALL THE PATCHES

Let’s talk about ship clipping.

Look, I get that ship generation is entirely procedural. As random as they can make it. I understand that. HOWEVER. The max width of a ship is known. The max height of a ship is known. The max length of a ship is known. Why aren’t those sizes used when determining the size of landing bays? Even the small ships clip entering my freighter. Even mid-size Explorers clip through the space station railings. When you have a honkin’ chonkin’ Hauler? You might as well name it All The Clips.

So, there you go. There’s my wish list. If you don’t see something here that you want in the game, feel free to leave a comment!