Carnivale: Season 1, The Island, and Space Cowboys

had recommended this one to me a while back. He’d had me watch an episode way back when I had HBO, and while I was definitely intrigued, I wasn’t much into watching TV at that point. So, when I started up Netflix, I figured it belonged in the queue. And I was right.

Like most HBO series, it doesn’t shirk from adult themes, violence, or nudity. It also recognizes that these are tools for plot and story, and not things to be used for shock value or for titillation. We’re taken to the dark side of a mystic carnival, and it reminds me a bit of this .

There’s no flinching from the evil deeds of people, and there’s no flinching from the good reasons for it. Five stars.

One of ‘s picks, this one kept me entertained throughout. I especially liked the originals’ reaction to their insurance policies, as well as the very last scene. A whole lot of come-uppance going on wrapped in a sci-fi wrapper without too much shiny.

Three stars.

Another one of ‘s picks. I’ve seen this one on TV countless times, and it’s a classic. So many great actors and actresses, so many old fart characters. I felt right at home.

Four stars.