Thoughts from Work

Got some words down on paper again at lunch.  I don’t like my low output, but with a max of a half an hour spent actually writing, I can’t get too mad at myself.

Hunter’s birthday party went off really well.  All of the kids really seemed to enjoy it.  So, having kids birthday parties at movie theater = win.  The actual movie (Where the Wild Things Are), not so much.  Apparently, it’s nothing like the book (I’ve never read it), and it’s certainly not as visceral and violent as the movie is.  There were some pretty disturbing images, and I’m hoping that none of the kids ended up with nightmares.  It’s pretty much a dark movie centered around the Jungian archetypes of an angry boy with fear of abandonment.

Ha!  I can say that without any spoilers!

My wedding ring needs to be resized.  Downward.  It started slipping over the knuckle today.  Holy wow.

I think I need to start going to bed earlier.  It’s a constant battle between getting things done and satisfying my need for rest.  The chin strap for my CPAP machine has been shipped.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is the last piece to the CPAP puzzle, and that I’ll be able to use it nightly now.  Nothing left to procrastinate on.  I’m knocking on wood with my crossed fingers, for added levels of goodness.

I -really- need to pick up that Flobots CD.

Also need to gather links to the Todd posts from the Carnival and the Susan posts from Nocturnal Ambitions.  WordPress will either present interesting challenges for linking to fiction, or will make it strangely easy.  I won’t be able to decide until further play has been had.  Thinking about making Steven’s universe the same universe as Two Vampires.  Lots of things bouncing around in my brain, pounding the walls into new shapes.

Die, Clown!!

The ultimate of evil can be seen here, in the form that we all endured (some more coherently than others) last night. Said horror of the universe provided a mode of transportation (among giggling about getting pulled over) for myself and . Luckily, with the world warping in the ways induced by Jose Quervo (who apologized to me personally, and in Spanish) I was immune to the evil radiating from the aforementioned clown.

Ruminations and ponderings have begun about the little bout with self-destructiveness yesterday. The gears and cogs inside my being are still rotating, but the noise they make is no longer so frenzied. It seems more ominous and foreboding. The culmination of the slow rising of energy hasn’t hit me yet, but it’s on its way, and may be right around the next corner.

Training Day has me thinking about urban tribalism again. Later on tonight, watching The Sopranos probably won’t help get me out of the mindset, but it might push my brain in some new directions. The concept of such things has been romantic to me for quite some time, if only because I would most likely not survive in such an environment.

Renting Anime

I rented Cowboy Bebop from 21st Century on Thursday, and I haven’t had the chance to watch it till now. I’d seen the 2nd or 3rd DVD about six months ago at one of their anime nights, but I’d forgotten most of it, so I thought I’d see the whole series through.


The soundrack is orgasmic. The plot is fantastic. And this one for : Boobies getting shot up.

Three or four years ago, my life was filled with LARP drama. Who said this, who was going to take down which LARP. Hell, when I left Fortress, I knew such bullshit was happening and didn’t make an effort to stop it. Someone has attempted to start it again, and I am not pleased.

There are two strong storytellers at Fortress of the Mind’s Eye, and there is nothing to fear. Nothing can kick us out of our location, because the owner and the employees love us. They support us as we support them. The one that came over to our LARP to start the bullshit, will be told in person that he is no longer welcome at the Fortress LARP. If he insists on staying, he will be thrown out.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FUCK WITH MY FRIENDS. Do NOT strut your shit when I am in the mood to burn your eye out with the clove I am smoking. Do NOT call one of my best friends a liar, because I am READY to drive to wherever you live and TEACH you respect. (Seperate issue from the LARP drama, but I have the same reaction toward it.) DO NOT ENCROACH UPON MY TERRITORY IF YOU HAVE ILL WILL. You will be dealt with.

Sifu, I am ready to start lessons again.

Calm. Breathe. Calm. Game was excellent last night. IPM was excellent Friday night, and I may be down there much of Labor Day weekend participating in the IPM events. I did get lost around 8 Mile and Woodward, and they weren’t kidding about those hookers. My trunk supply is refreshed, which is always a good thing. Weaver noticed me smoking last night. I wonder how long before he asks what happened. Thank the Gods for intelligent people.

Sean Kennedy said: “Why would you kill yourself if you’ve been being picked on at school? You have a gun to your own head, why would you pull the trigger? YOU HAVE A GUN!! Don’t kill YOURSELF! Kill OTHER PEOPLE!” There was a lot said in that rant about society asking how something horrible like this could happen… and people shouldn’t blame society, they should blame their own kids. When you’re in high school, that’s all that exists. That’s your entire universe. Parents don’t think about how their own children could do the horrible things that they do to those that don’t fit in. They don’t think about how maybe some of these kids deserved what they got. Repercussions for your own actions and all that. Darwinism in action. If you feel like killing yourself, why not kill other people? Then you go to prison for the rest of your life. Sometimes, after my own high school experience, I may have preferred prison to High School. I didn’t swallow those sleeping pills. I didn’t kill anyone else either. Sometimes, though, I wonder…. What do you think?

I need to call Mark about that TV.

Job interview went well. I am so worried about getting my hopes up about a job that I will really, really like… They’re narrowing down the applicants to five or six, and then running a set of second interviews. I have my fingers crossed. Their salary people get time and a half for all overtime. Craziness.

Tonight, I see Reign of Fire again. This time, with Genny. :)

Finding out that many Robots in Disguse Transformers are now on clearance (to make room for the Armada series) is not a good thing for my wallet.

I need to get my living room set up in a way that roX0rs pretty soon. Hrm.


Pain, releif, disappointment mixed with expectedness. Simultaneous feeling of accomplishment and temporary failure understanding the energy of rooms. Good discussion, re-inforcement of why I am friends with .

I woke up with, I think, the worst hangover I’ve ever had. Well, this happened gradually as I woke up in three-hour intervals all night (and day) long. It was noon when I realized that I was supposed to be at the movie theater at 1:55 to see Reign of Fire with . I got ready, drove to my old apartment, and left him a voice mail. I went to the theater, realized he wasn’t going to show up, and watched the movie.

Good movie. Like a glimpse into the lives of real people, with real backgrounds that they don’t have the time to explain in detail, in situations that demand that superhuman thing that rests dormant in so many of us.

Headed to Mike and Seth’s to pick up my sunglasses. I watched them play Warcraft 3 against each other while I downed 200 mg of Ibuprofin and sipped water.

Theio’s and reading. Plans for a possible Mage tabletop game. Finally started to feel better. I returned home and arranged furniture. My bedroom is almost perfect. The living room and dining area are definitely not. Went and talked with about a lot of things. I am thankful for an opinion that I cannot reason out when thinking about things. Somehow, because I can’t follow the logic behind it, credibility results. Hrm.

Now I’m home (*contented sigh*). I didn’t pick up the kitchen stuff or the TV or the microwave, like I told Scott I would. Tomorrow, then, after Kung Fu lessons. It’s not like I don’t have the opportunity to take my time on this.