Skipping ahead to Ahnonay

So, I got a little excited about the prospect of visiting Myst Island. I knew that one of the Ages in the Watcher’s Pub would get me there, so I popped in to see if there were still only two. Sure enough, Er’cana and Ahnonay. I read all of the Watcher’s prophecies that had been translated and left behind, and then I popped in. The Grower, a figure in the prophecies, was supposed to figure out how to travel through time. Ahnonay was supposed to be Grand Master Kadish’s success at this, proving himself to be The Grower.

The images below would seem to back him up, and the effect of going to three different versions of the same Age is mind-blowing. Each is incredibly beautiful and stunning to be surrounded by.

When you’re on your way there, you’ll notice some familiarities, and they may be unsettling. Grand Master Kadish wrote another Age that we’ve been to before: Kadish Tolesa. Once again, the truth, and the real beauty, is being hoarded behind deception. Unfortunately, I need a buddy to complete this one, and I’ve really jumped ahead. Next time I log on, I’m going to hit the Guild of Greeters neighborhood and see if I can join in a run to complete the two garden Ages, Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin. I’ll come back to this one in time, and I’ll be armed with enough notes and enough brain power to get back to Myst Island.