Waiting a month.

Here’s a bit of comic geekery that I discovered recently:  Image Comics only publishes creator-owned works.  They do not own the rights of any of the material that they publish.  Also, they seem to have an active submissions system/slush pile.

Can you hear the mental gears turning from there?  Because they were pretty loud when I discovered this.

I checked with Rick, the amazing artist of amazingness, and asked him if he thought that Fight or Flight would have a chance.  He said sure.  I asked him if he thought it was a good idea to submit it.  He said go for it.

I combed through their submission guidelines several times.  I wrote up a summary letter of the story.  I told them what kind of comic we envisioned Fight or Flight to be.  I included as many pages of the print-ready comic as Google would let me attach to an email.  I sent the email.

I went for it.

Their submissions page says that they have a quick turn-around time.  If I don’t hear back from them in a month, then I’m to consider them uninterested.  If that happens, sure, I’ll be a bit disappointed.  But then I’ll fall back to the original plan of self-publishing the issues.  Either way, Fight or Flight will be available on dead trees to those that want it.

Keep your fingers crossed!