I’ve rewritten the first, and largest, part of Adam’s Name.  Its first working title was Motor City Mafia, and was intended on having a pulpy, cheesy feel that revolved around a story that even the characters knew was implausible.  I had attempted to fine-tune this story, after it had collected dust for a few years, but what it needed was a full rewrite. Instead of feeling like real people stuck in bad writing, it was just bad writing.

The flow is better, the story is better, and the characters seem far more comfortable in their roles.  They now know that they’re the background noise, the filler, the extras in their world, and that running into Adam has pulled them out of that.  Seth, Susan, Sol, and Jonah are all making the journey to main characters, and are not entirely happy with how that’s going.  Instead of leaving them isolated in their introductory chapter, as I did in the last few versions, I’m going to carry the cast through, and find out how long they can hold up in the tornado that is building around Adam.

Things I’m looking forward to in the next chapter:

  • Solidifying the central mystery/conflict of the story
  • Writing some steamy scenes
  • Killing off one of the characters in strange circumstances