Charting Growth

I’ve been listening to a couple of good writing podcasts, and they’re both in agreement about self publishing your early work. Don’t, they say. Readers are looking for a well written, engaging story, and not to follow along in your journey of growth as a writer. On top of that, you don’t want to associate your name with beginner’s writing mistakes.

Well, whoops. There’s a clear improvement in my writing from the beginning to the end of The Remembrance. That’s been out in the wild since 2006, so that cat has been out of the bag for a good six years. Todd’s Story has been out for a few years as well, which is (hopefully) better written than The Remembrance. Then came Fight or Flight. I’ve pretty much done exactly what they advise not to do.

I’m not seeing a good reason to change that trajectory now. To add to the growing list of cliches, the damage has already been done. Adam’s Name should continue the arc of improvement (I hope), and I’m just going to have to thank my readers for being along for the ride.