Building a Minecraft Machine

So, way back around Christmas time, each of my kids asked me to build something for them or install something on their computers. My daughter wanted to learn a language on her computer. DuoLingo to the rescue. My youngest son wanted java Minecraft, with the Pixelmon mod. Done easily enough. My middle son wanted a computer to play Minecraft on when he came out to my place. Ah! A challenge!

I tend to keep pieces and parts lying around, so I went digging. I had a Lenovo ThinkCentre super small form factor PC from the Other Project, along with its mounting bracket. I had a brand new mouse, but it was from the PS/2 era. I had a monitor that I was using to troubleshoot my server when it went sideways. I had a keyboard collecting dust. That was pretty much everything I needed. Except, of course, the ThinkCentre didn’t have a PS/2 port. Too new for that. So, once again, adapters to the rescue! A quick trip to the local Micro Center, some browsing in their adapter aisle, and I came home with this oldie-but-goodie.

He wanted to play on the family Bedrock server, so Windows 10 was the operating system of choice. Then, I mounted the bracket onto the back of the monitor, and plugged all the bits and bobs in. Keyboard, mouse, monitor, everything was recognized the first time around. There was a little bit of tinkering with drivers, a little bit of poking and prodding, but in the end, everything worked, right down to the wifi.

So, now I’d made the gift, got it together, and tested Minecraft on it. No delays, snappy response, and no drops from the server. It would never play something high-end, but it did what I needed it to do. But, my middle son wasn’t out to my place as often as his younger siblings, so I needed to be able to store it away. The monitor cable was easy to wrap up and tie, but what about the mouse? It couldn’t be permanently shortened, he’d need slack on it when he used it. I’m not sure why, but this is my favorite part of the build. Two curtain hooks from an old box fit right between the computer case and the mount bracket, and the mouse wraps around them just like a vacuum power cord.

When he got the computer, my son loved it. He was excited, and the first thing out of his mouth was… “Can I play Fortnite on it?”

Ah, well. Can’t win them all!

Connect Successful

Cable modem has been wonderfully re-installed. They took the RCA. They dropped off a Motorla Surfboard. Dig it. No more multiple IP’s. They say that if customers want to run their own network, they can, they just need to get a router and set up NAT themselves. *blink* They’re not only allowing it, they’re encouraging it.

Anyone want to recommend a decently-priced multi-port router with NAT for me?

Oh. And I have an interview for a tech job on Saturday with GarbCo, 7-Eleven’s parent company. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Good Morning

There’s a slight pressure originating from inside my noggin that presses outward. This is a grogginess thing that usually goes away when I take a shower. I should take a shower.

I’ve removed Linux from my machine. I’m sorry, , but RedHat 7.2 just wasn’t working like I needed it to. One of my main apps looks like it will only run under windows, and I don’t really want to go to the trouble of having both OS’s on a 6-gig drive. I’d have to log out for the damn thing to unmount my zip drive as well. Just too much.

Today is likely to be a bit of a tilt-o-whirl. Hopefully the cotton candy and hot dogs won’t come back up on me. I swear there’s something wierd about this . Heheheheheh.

Writing and Geekdom

I now understand the motivation behind rewriting. I feel a fevered anticipation. I promised a completed Chapter 1 by the end of next week, and he’ll get it, even with the re-write. I’ll have to have him re-read the intro as well.

I got a Soundwave poster and rented an anime DVD yesterday. I found myself visually drinking in my surroundings, and those in them.

I crave a laptop with an internal zip drive. It would be perfect if it was used and cheap. Anybody? PC or Mac, no biggie to me. I could settle for USB support, but my zip drive isn’t USB powered. It’s got its own plug. Maybe I should just save up for a cheap used laptop with USB support and a USB-powered zip drive.

In other geek news, I ran across a 3.5″ floppy disk yesterday that was labeled simply “Book”. So I popped it in, and noticed the disk was going bad. I recovered what files I could, and I have eight text files. One entitled “Prelude”, and the rest are labeled 1 through 7.

It’s an old, old, old attempt at writing out an AD&D adventure in the worlds my best friend and I had created. Ok, so here’s my first attempt at a poll: