Writing Journal

Written 23 July 2017

So, there’s a really jarring jump in the first chapter between Susan struggling with her thirst and Adam’s arrival. She just completely drops everything that’s been tormenting her because she loses herself in the bike. I give the shift a half of a sentence and that is just not enough.

It’s got to be more gradual. The forces in her need to duke it out. The thirst vs. The mesmerizing, this Sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!!

Instead of one defeating the other, they should be neck and neck when he sits down.

How did I miss this?

There’s another geared-for-adults Transformers show! It’s called Combiner Wars, it’s been out since August of last year, and it’s made up of five minute episodes.

Two sequel short series are planned: Titans Return and Power of the Primes. Just look at the voice actors!

Even though it’s on Verizon’s Go90 network, and is animated terribly (just… it’s bad), go watch it. Because Transformers, that’s why.

Shit my kids say

Me: “Are you watching me stand on the porch?”

Acelyn: “I like watching people.”

Me: “You like watching people?”

Acelyn: “I’m a spy.”

Me: “I think part of being a spy is not telling people that you’re a spy.”

Acelyn: “You can tell your parents.”


Listen, pizza, I think it’s time we started seeing other people. I mean, I still love you, but you’ve become really bad for me. I just think it’s better this way.