Writing and Geekdom

I now understand the motivation behind rewriting. I feel a fevered anticipation. I promised a completed Chapter 1 by the end of next week, and he’ll get it, even with the re-write. I’ll have to have him re-read the intro as well.

I got a Soundwave poster and rented an anime DVD yesterday. I found myself visually drinking in my surroundings, and those in them.

I crave a laptop with an internal zip drive. It would be perfect if it was used and cheap. Anybody? PC or Mac, no biggie to me. I could settle for USB support, but my zip drive isn’t USB powered. It’s got its own plug. Maybe I should just save up for a cheap used laptop with USB support and a USB-powered zip drive.

In other geek news, I ran across a 3.5″ floppy disk yesterday that was labeled simply “Book”. So I popped it in, and noticed the disk was going bad. I recovered what files I could, and I have eight text files. One entitled “Prelude”, and the rest are labeled 1 through 7.

It’s an old, old, old attempt at writing out an AD&D adventure in the worlds my best friend and I had created. Ok, so here’s my first attempt at a poll: