I see you.

So, there I was, standing triumphant over the slain tyrannical warlord, my bloody sword held aloft in my left hand, totem of power, crackling with lightning, in my right. Looking over to the princess, chained to the wall, I said…

Huh. I think the coffee kicked in.I see you!

I’ve just uploaded the files for Fight or Flight #0 to the printer.  Then the review copy will be on its way into my grubby little paws. Much mad cackling will ensue upon its arrival, I don’t mind tellin’ ya. MUCH. Ahh, I’ve got that nervous excitement welling up in my chest, right underneath my sternum. This is just one of the good things that have quickly cropped up in seeming response to my decision to finish purging unneeded things.

So, keep your calendars nearby, dear readers (or in another tabbed browser window). I will soon have a release party to plan.