In the interest of writing every day…

Today has been a -good- day.

I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I haven’t felt my spirit this light, the smile on my face, the outlook happy…. I just haven’t had as -good- of a day in a long time. Not even work has brought me down.

I pulled myself out of bed after only hitting the snooze bar once. Only once! I was motivated, let me tell you. After a couple of successful Great Zero runs last night, I had gone to bed a little late, but I still got out of bed without caffeine. I got showered and ready for the day, spent some time with the dog, and ate a cup of Jello. Always room for it, you know.

swung by and picked me up, and we headed to Eastwood Towne Center to meet up with and Scott. What were we doing there? Going to NCG to see the TRANSFORMERS MOVIE. That’s right. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg did NOT eviscerate my childhood. This is an AMAZING movie. Go and see it. Seriously. If you’re a kid at any age, you will enjoy it. It is so very difficult to refrain from spoilers, but I will return the kindness that has been paid to me. :)

I’ll be selling ‘s last 21″ monitor tomorrow, and will be getting rid of one of our 17″ ones on Friday. I have four packages of gaming books ready to ship out to eBay customers. The Stuff Exodus begins again! :)

So, yeah. This has been a really good day. Also, go see the movie. For serious.