Week of Crazy

It is October, after all. Hunter has H1N1. He also has the antiviral, Tamiflu. So, we will see.

wrenched her back Sunday night, diving after the baby that I stupidly left on my recliner. He’s mobile now, dummy, he’ll pull himself off of the chair! She’d already been in some hip and back pain, and this sent it into the stratosphere, so there was an emergency room trip on Monday morning.

All of the pain killers and muscle relaxers won’t allow her to get up out of her chair on her own. They wouldn’t give us an MRI at Sparrow St. Lawrence, because she doesn’t have recommendation from her primary care physician. Her PCP through Medicaid took six months (not an exaggeration) to get an appointment. We’re not sure if he’d take her now anyway, because Medicaid dropped her. She can’t get back on Medicaid because our case worker won’t get back to us, even for us to let her know that I got a job. And my insurance doesn’t kick in until January.

Yeah, our health system rocks. *shakes head*

Hunter has the H1N1 flu. We actually had a really good experience at Lansing Urgent Care last night, after which I spent an hour and a half driving around like a madman, getting cut off by every other single driver on the road while I got his Tamiflu prescription filled within the time window for it to be effective.

I need to get to Linn & Owen Jewelers in downtown to get an estimate on fixing my pocket watch.

Earlier this week, I got two five-page sections of webcomic script written. I purchased the domain, set up the web space, installed WordPress, installed the ComicPress theme/template/wossname, and did some mild configuration of it. We’re shooting for going live with the intro page on 01.01.10, with weekly updates after that. Oh yesh.

I’ve gone through the work I’ve done on the Glass Crown, and I’ve updated the chapter outlines to match. Things feel more focused now, and I need to get the “finished” Chapter 6 out to my alpha readers.

MMO temptation continues. Playing with would be fun, but Eve looks plain awesome, but I really should catch up on those Myst games that I bought, not to mention I’m still getting through Final Fantasy VII… Or I could continue the writing momentum. Huh.

Speaking of writing momentum, I will not be joining NaNoWriMo this year. I have too many projects started, but never finished. Neil Gaiman said that anyone can start a novel… it takes a writer to finish. I’m determined to finish again. Mantra, anyone? :)

Weekly Word Count

Konbanwa, minasan!

I’ve made some progress on the writing-in-chaos problem. I can stop and start again, without losing track. It’s something that I didn’t know I had in me, and I’m very happy for it.

More Steven fiction is up. I think we’re about halfway through Book 2 at this point. Blaize and the one with the sword are taking out members of the Coven, and Steven is chafing in the organization required for one city to wage war upon another. Mmm, burnt flesh.

Really looking forward to next week’s meeting regarding the upcoming webcomic, and I really need to do some extra script writing. The first bit involved a lot of back and forth with my partners (artist and mechanics), and I’m looking forward to getting in the groove with my co-conspirators.

I’m feeling just as much urge to write the Adam in Chicago story as I am to write in the sequel. The sequel will still be my priority, overall, but I remember the girl and the ritual and the house burning down and the coffee shop and Walter’s fiery friend and… yeah, that one was left unfinished for too long. I’ve got this itch, man.

Hoping to have yet another chapter of Steven out to everyone on Friday. As always, input is welcomed.

Weekly Word Count

FoF Concept 1.5
Originally uploaded by Childe

There was once this super secret project, back in the day. and I were all hush-hush about our weekly meetings (Liasons? No one will ever know!) as we worked to make our grand idea into a reality. Stumbling block after stumbling block after brick wall cropped up in our path, and our idea changed and evolved over time.

I say evolved, because it adapted to survive. And the changes are so severe that they might just be generational. Of the ideas, I’d say that this one, the one that will finally see life ( *knock on wood* ) is the third generation.

Our working title is Fight or Flight, and the grandchild idea is a webcomic. The current plans are to update weekly, and we plan on having a several-month-long stockpile before the site goes live. The main character, tentatively named Willy, is pictured here. He was drawn by Rick Schlaack, who is one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever met. And the irony is, HE is waiting on US to get scripts finalized so that he can draw. Talk about a reversal!

With the concept art that he’s given us, I have absolutely no doubt that this project will take off. I’ve got my eyes on Penny Arcade, PvP, Megatokyo, and Looking For Group. And I think that we can do it.

Looking for artists to work on a comic book.

This started out as the super-secret project. I’ve let it stall countless times. The novel is done and out there (preview and novel are both still available here). I have no classes over the summer. I have a part-time work schedule. The brunt of my focus now lands squarely on the comic book. On Steven.

The plan is to have a different artist working on each issue. Characters will be recognizable throughout, but I’d like to showcase the talent of as many artists as I can. Also, with seven different artists working on seven different issues at the same time, I can have (in theory) the full project completed before I release the first issue. None of that pesky lateness that small comic publishers have become known for.

This is what I’ve got up on the web site:

Dark Eternity Publications is now accepting artist’s submissions for our primary comic line: Steven. If selected to work on the comic, you will be paid, provided the issue that you work on makes a profit. This is a serious (and yet friendly – heh) venture, and deadlines will be involved. Please do not submit if you can’t complete projects within reasonable time frames.

Please send all submissions to dave at darketernity dot net.

This is the email that went out to the current artists, in an effort to kick all of us in the butt:

Hey, all. I’ve got the defibrillator paddles out, and I’m doing this once again.

The Steven Comic Book will happen. Now that the novel has been released, and signings are getting scheduled, I’m going to focus on my next project. And that is Steven. There are some things that I will need from all of you, and there are some things that I will want from you.

Here are the things that I need. If these don’t work out for you, and you need to bow out, I will not take offense, and I will not be hurt. :)

1 – Character sketches. I need sketches for the main characters that are in your chapters by Monday, 22 May 2006. I’ve requested this before, and am going to have to insist upon it as a first step. There is some marketing that I would like to be able to do, as far as the website and flyers are concerned, and the character sketches are essential to that.

2 – Respect for reasonable deadlines. I need you to be able to respond to reasonable deadlines. I need to know if they’re not reasonable, or if extensions are needed, but I need deadlines to be able to be deadlines.

3 – Communication. I’d be a liar if I said that I’d been even decent about this with regards to the comic. I’m going to need regular communication and updates and questions and input and etc. and further and whatnot. I promise to return this.

4 – Straightforward honesty. If you’re unsure about something, please let me know, If you need extensions on deadlines, let me know. If you think that I’m full of the most rancid cow shit EVAR, let me know. :) I want to minimize drAma and miscommunication from here on out.

Here are the things that I want. Totally optional, but exceedingly helpful.

1 – Feedback and suggestions for the website. http://www.darketernity.net/ Pretty self-explanatory. I want it to be -good-. I may be getting a professional web designer in the near future, but I’ll still need your input for what you think it should be.

2 – Adoring affection and excessive stroking of my ego. Or not. ;)

If bowing out is the way to go for you, please, just let me know, and unsubscribe from the Yahoo! Group. We’ll still be friends, I promise. Heh.

If you’re interested, or know someone who would be interested, please make contact. I’m itching to get this moving again.

I’m actually wading through OtherKin sites.

Good things:

  • The updated comic web page is up. It’s currently just a splash page with some info, but that page will eventually be the “About us” page.
  • is coming over tomorrow to do some quick shooting at our house. I miss him.
  • Later I’ll be heading out to Southfield (I think) to do some serious Anime watching with and company.
  • is at a party at which she’s likely having a very good time.

Bad things:

  • I have a persistent feeling of boredom. I have plenty of things I want to do, need to do, etc. However, I don’t wanna do any of them. See that petulance? That signals the onset of a low emotional swing. I need to get out and do something. But I don’t wanna. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • I’m craving a fantastical existence again. I’m drawn toward immersing myself completely in fantasy worlds of fiction, or any other sort, really. This is escapism, and also signals a low swing.
  • I am having strong spiritual urges, in tandem with these negative feelings.
  • is not here.

I think I’ll go put away my freshly clean laundry.

Looking for Artists

I’m looking for artists to work on a comic book project. Both for pencil & inking, as well as for coloring.

You will be paid, provided the issue that you work on makes a profit.

This is a serious (and yet friendly – heh) venture, and deadlines will be involved. Please do not contact me if you can’t complete projects within reasonable time frames.

If you’re interested enough to hear more details, as well as get a copy of the script, email me through childe at livejournal dot com.