Thoughts from Work

Got some words down on paper again at lunch.  I don’t like my low output, but with a max of a half an hour spent actually writing, I can’t get too mad at myself.

Hunter’s birthday party went off really well.  All of the kids really seemed to enjoy it.  So, having kids birthday parties at movie theater = win.  The actual movie (Where the Wild Things Are), not so much.  Apparently, it’s nothing like the book (I’ve never read it), and it’s certainly not as visceral and violent as the movie is.  There were some pretty disturbing images, and I’m hoping that none of the kids ended up with nightmares.  It’s pretty much a dark movie centered around the Jungian archetypes of an angry boy with fear of abandonment.

Ha!  I can say that without any spoilers!

My wedding ring needs to be resized.  Downward.  It started slipping over the knuckle today.  Holy wow.

I think I need to start going to bed earlier.  It’s a constant battle between getting things done and satisfying my need for rest.  The chin strap for my CPAP machine has been shipped.  I’m crossing my fingers that this is the last piece to the CPAP puzzle, and that I’ll be able to use it nightly now.  Nothing left to procrastinate on.  I’m knocking on wood with my crossed fingers, for added levels of goodness.

I -really- need to pick up that Flobots CD.

Also need to gather links to the Todd posts from the Carnival and the Susan posts from Nocturnal Ambitions.  WordPress will either present interesting challenges for linking to fiction, or will make it strangely easy.  I won’t be able to decide until further play has been had.  Thinking about making Steven’s universe the same universe as Two Vampires.  Lots of things bouncing around in my brain, pounding the walls into new shapes.