Operating Systems are Cultures?

said she’d fork me. But only if I pissed her off. Day-umn! :)

Linux has made me realize how much of an American I am. I am getting all fussy because things are different from the way I’m used to them. Because they’re foreign to me. Some people say that configuring Linux and dealing with the oddities is fun. I think they’re insane. It’s hell. But it is worth it. The ability to smoothly move among different platforms and different cultures is much more gratifying than the ease of having everything be the same. Windows and Mac os’s (9 and X… they’re really completely different countries) isn’t enough. I need to be worldly in my OS familiarity.

I need to shave.

I didn’t get any cleaning or shopping or writing done yesterday. Grrr. Today is the StoryTeller meeting. I should really get it done today.

I’m going to a rave soon. >:) Check this out. It’ll be the first in a long time. E-mail me if you’re planning on going. :) *hop*

RoadKillers are just pirates… Pirates of the Autobahn.

“Logic is good for playing pyramid chess, but often too slow for the needs of survival.”

I got a friendship bracelet yesterday. First time since I was, like, ten. It’s purple and black and dark blue. The same colors as the only “candy bracelet” I have. I also got two letters, one wich struck me speechless.

It’s a beautiful day outside. Overcast, light rain, with an alternating menacing darkness. It’s threatening to thunderstorm, and I’m calling it out. We need the rain pretty badly.

The new ethernet card works perfectly and is TINY. Did a net install of Linux, and it flew. RedHat 7.2, Gnome, and Ximian. Red Carpet is the b0mbx0r or something. I’m still stuck in the days where funky text was capitalizing either every other letter or just the vowels. This number shit is wacky. Heh. Anyway, the computer is happily running, and I’m wondering if I can do structural damage with my six-year-old dead ethernet card.

Laundry and AfterNow were good. The marinated pork chops and potatos were very tasty. I have enough left overs for at least two more meals, maybe three.

The is getting posts again. I did some pretty good writing for it last night. Yay for melodrama! :)

Tonight, after work:
-Oil change for the car.
-Purchase a hat.
-Wash dishes.
-Clean bathroom.
-Set up printer and Wine (windows environment for Linux) and cross my fingers.

“That shit’s clownin’, dog, how fucked up is you?”

This morning, I was riding on cloud nine.
By noon, 12:30, I was pissed off and felt like I was pulled in 80 directions at once.
Now, I’m calm.

You know, when iMacs first came out back in the day, I made fun of a good friend of mine constantly for its shape and how it looked. Now I own one. Granted, the bondhi color sucked, and the newer ones were better-colored, had better keyboards, and better mice… but damn. I think OS X makes all the difference in the world. OS 9 just *feels* clunky compared to OS X.

Kind of like how Windows feels compared to Linux. Think I may buy a network card this weekend sometime. I want to get that fucker updated.

I plan on overdosing on LARP this weekend. I dare someone to make a comment on LARPers. Bring it.

Argh, moods, emotiions, asthetics, lines, curves, reflections of light, clouds of shadow…

Fuck it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.



Ethernet cable good.
PCI slots good.
All four IPs are set up and active on AT&T Broadband’s end.


My 5-year-old ethernet card has kicked the bucket. I must stop by Discount PC for a new card. Mother beetches.


I didn’t go to the club last night. I went grocery shopping and then fucked with Linux so I could write my paper. UNTIL 2 AM. First, printing. That took about an hour. Found out that lpd didn’t like the tab in the hosts file. Fixed that. Then, the word processor that came with the damn thing forgot where its fonts were. Looked in the directory, the fonts were all there, but the font.dir file was missing. Just *poof* gone. Fuck it. I stopped trying to fix it around 2 am, and went to sleep. I got up at 7 and came in to work to write my paper, then went to class.

When I get home, I’m opening up RedCarpet, and uninstalling that fucking word processor. Then I’m installing OpenOffice.org, because I KNOW it works.

Ok, that out of the way, everything else about Linux has kicked ass so far. Once I get the word processor shit fixed, I need to open up the damn case (maybe before I get the word processor fixed) and re-seat the network card. It’s only five years old, it shouldn’t be failing yet. :)

Time for that will have to be sparing, because I’m going to go study, do my exercises, then have a late dinner after work. THEN I’m going to fuck with the computer.