Shit my kids say

Me: “Are you watching me stand on the porch?”

Acelyn: “I like watching people.”

Me: “You like watching people?”

Acelyn: “I’m a spy.”

Me: “I think part of being a spy is not telling people that you’re a spy.”

Acelyn: “You can tell your parents.”


Listen, pizza, I think it’s time we started seeing other people. I mean, I still love you, but you’ve become really bad for me. I just think it’s better this way.

When it rains…

I feel like I’ve just finished migrating my blog off of LiveJournal and onto my WordPress blog. Now I need to find a Flickr substitute.

Yahoo!, I can’t brag about having worked for you any more. It’d be like bragging about when I worked for Comcast. I mean, Verizon? Really?


“There’s a drought of talent in open source projects. We cant get enough talent to contribute.”

“We have no need to change the way we deal with reviewing code, interacting with our peers, or mentoring up-and-comers.”

Same email thread.

This fear is no accident.

The Culture War is not a real thing. There is no army of alt-right Pepes, and there is no army of SJWs.

There are people.

Some people believe that there is finally a chance that their way of life might not be constantly threatened any more. Some people believe that their way of life has suddenly come under threat. Some people are gradients between, or completely outside.

Scared people.

Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is so strong that conversation, rather than shouting matches, is incredibly difficult. It doesn’t even matter where the fear came from any more. We have allowed ourselves to be whipped into a frightened frenzy that rather than hearing what others are saying, we’re repeating self-contradictory talking points that range into objectively nonsensical.

What is happening isn’t noble. None of us are soldiers on the battlefield. None of our clutching of pearls or name-calling or looking down our noses is winning anything. It’s telling others that their fear and dismissal is founded.

Afraid people becoming entrenched in fear.

Fighting fear is exhausting, but important. I want to keep trying.